Eures: Ημέρες καριέρας σε Αθήνα και Θεσσαλονίκη για εργασία στη Σουηδία


To Eures του Οργανισμού Απασχόλησης Εργατικού Δυναμικού διοργανώνει Swedish Week 2017 ως ακολούθως:

3rd – 4th April at Holiday Inn, Thessaloniki

5th- 6th April at Zafolia Hotel, Athens

Οι θέσεις που ζητούνται είναι:

1. Health care professionals

  • Nurses
  • Doctors – General Practitioners, Family Medicine and other specialists
  • Biomedical scientists

Send CV to:

2. IT specialists

  • ICT Software specialist

Send CV to:

3. Engineers

  • Mechanical engineer

Send CV to:

4. Life Science specialists

  • Chemical engineers

Send CV to:

Check the event flyer for detailed information on locations and programme.

Vacancies: Stockholms Sjukhem – Nurses

Region Norrbotten – Nurses

Region Norrbotten – Doctors

Region Norrbotten – Biomedical Scientists

Region Borås/ South Sweden – Family medecine specialists

Sweden – ICT Software specialists & Mechanical engineers

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